阿里彩票汇集了不同民族和不同学科的研究学者, from graduate students studying for a higher degree to senior professors.  

The standards for 访问学者hips are high, 奖学金只颁发给在其领域做出重大贡献的申请人, who have an excellent record of publication, and who enjoy an international reputation for intellectual achievement. In addition to welcoming applicants from academic institutions, 阿里彩票也认识到,许多商业或行业赞助商与剑桥大学有研究兴趣和合作, 并可能有高级管理人员,他们将受益于在剑桥的长期停留,以方便他们的工作.

阿里彩票平台官网学院虽然规模不大,但却拥有全校最大的访问奖学金项目.  This means that 访问学者 meet each other, permanent Fellows and graduate students daily over lunch, 晚餐及书院活动, 能够与其他成熟和批判性思维的思想家进行学术交流和接触.

大多数访问学者, like many of the graduate students, 来自海外, thus adding an international dimension to life in the College, and are encouraged to bring their partners or family.  他们成为克莱尔厅的终身会员,随时欢迎他们回来参加大学生活.

申请前, if they do not already have a personal invitation, 申请人应与剑桥大学与他们的工作最密切相关的部门联系. 该部门将被要求提供一封邀请信或在线系统的支持.

Applicants should submit a CV, personal statement and research proposal in PDF format, and the names of three referees familiar with their work. At least one referee should be from outside your university. FAS在线系统将发送电子邮件,要求推荐信、邀请函或支持信. 如果在截止日期前七天,系统会通过电子邮件通知你.

Please make your application for a 访问学者hip using the 在线系统FAS.


Spalding-Teape 访问学者hip in Hindu-Christian Studies

阿里彩票平台官网的管理机构建议从2022年10月1日起选举一名带薪的印度教-基督教研究访问学者,或在商定的日期之后,为期一年. There are no restrictions on age, sex or previous standing for this Fellowship. At the close of their tenure, Fellows normally become 阿里彩票平台官网 of the College.

斯伯丁信托基金旨在通过鼓励对作为其基础的宗教原则的研究,促进世界各大文化之间更好的理解, and on this occasion it is collaborating as a co-funder with the Teape Trust, 是为了进一步研究印度教和基督教的关系而存在的吗.

学院和信托基金可能会优先考虑处于职业生涯早期阶段的候选人. 然而, 在某些情况下,学院和信托基金可能愿意任命一位已经拥有学术职位并因此获得定期资助的资深学者. 奖学金获得者通常会获得£29,000的助学金和在大学的膳食津贴. It is expected that the Visiting Fellow will live in College, and that accommodation will be provided at normal rental cost.

学院和信托基金要求被委任的研究员对印度教和基督教之间的相互关系进行研究. Projects may adopt any recognised scholarly method and focus on any period. 学院和信托基金也期望研究员在任期期间与学术界和更多的普通观众分享见解, whether in 剑桥 or further afield. The manner of such a contribution, whether by public lecture, seminar or supervision of students, will be subject to discussion with the College and the Trusts, 谁期望奖学金生会充分利用奖学金所提供的机会, to support the work of the University and the College, 促进信托基金的目标,并在宗教研究领域内进行研究.  在完成奖学金后,研究员将被要求提交一份完成工作的简短报告.

请使用在线系统FAS申请斯伯丁-蒂普访问奖学金: http://app.casc.johncullerton.com/fas_live/spalding.aspx

The closing date for applications is 14 January 2022.  入围候选人将于2022年2月25日当面或通过Zoom进行面试.

Further details on the Spalding Trust can be found here: http://www.spaldingtrust.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the deadline dates for applications?

    The 访问学者hip competition is a rolling programme. 所显示的截止日期是指完成申请的截止日期,在此日期之前,申请人必须收到奖学金委员会下次会议的审议结果, 如果推荐, for approval by the Governing Body. Dates for the academic year 2021/22 are:​

    28 December 2021 (for Governing Body consideration on 26 January 2022)
    8 February 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 9 March 2022)
    5 April 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 4 May 2022)
    10 May 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 8 June 2022) 
  • When can I expect to be notified of the Governing Body's decision?

    On receipt of all documentation and references, your application will be considered, ,一旦作出决定,就会通知你结果(通常在理事机构会议的几天内)。.

  • What happens if I miss the deadline date for applications?

    If you do not complete your application by this date, your application will remain open, to be completed for the subsequent deadline, unless this is less than six months away and you require accommodation.

  • Are 访问学者 classed as full members of the College?

  • Do 访问学者 need to reside in 剑桥 for the duration of their Fellowship?

    研究员每学期至少有三分之二的时间住在剑桥, 通常是选举产生的 for a minimum period of six months and a maximum of one year.  那些希望来剑桥学习更短时间的人应该注意,这可能是不可能安排的,除非这段时间是在学期期间和访问学者来的时间 stays may be given accommodation preference to those staying for only a few months.
  • Are 访问学者 eligible for College accommodation?

    是的.  然而,如果需要住宿,学院通常需要至少六个月的通知.
  • Is there a minimum term for a Visiting Fellow?

    It is unusual to elect Fellows for periods of less than three months.
  • Are there any associated College duties for 访问学者?

    There are no special duties, 但管理机构自然希望研究员能参与学院的活动.
  • Are 访问学者 entitled to free meals?

    Fellows are entitled to twenty free meals per calendar month, funded out of College Trust Fund income. 通过Upay在线系统,会员可以在大学卡上获得价值220英镑的免费代币. The allowance covers normal lunches, 晚餐,晚餐, 但不是大学盛宴, 哪些是按成本价收取的. Fellows can also use their allowance to pay for one other person. There is a drinks charge for all attendees at Formal Dinners; this covers wine and a range of soft drinks. 膳食津贴不包括酒水费用,访问学者和学生必须在参加晚宴前上传足够的学分.
  • Can membership privileges be shared between academic couples?

    由于访问学者的名额有限,通常情况下,学术伙伴中只有一位被选为研究员, but membership privileges are shared, and both are treated as academic visitors.
  • Are there any other financial considerations when applying as a Visiting Fellow?

    在考虑是否申请时,阿里彩票建议你仔细评估所涉及的财政问题. In addition to rent and other charges related to your accommodation, 访问学者 are liable for an establishment charge which helps to defray the cost of providing College services and facilities; this is revised each October and will be charged at the rate of £175 per month for the 2021/22 academic year.  A charge is also made for (optional) membership of the College Sports Centre. Corporate 访问学者 costs start from £2,275 per month for a one-person flat and meal allowance.

If you have further questions or require more information, please contact the 大学注册.

阿里彩票 is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to www.clarehall.凸轮.ac.uk/data-protection-information